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Jaco's business leaders

Jaco Business Leaders

InCostaRica is seeking a partnership with Jaco’s most aggressive business leaders in 3 categories to promote Costa Rica, with a special focus on Jaco and their businesses.

This is a first come first serve scenario. Those with the initiative to promote their area and their business will be selected.

5 businesses in each category will be featured in the following 3 video/article series. Each on of these content pieces will be promoted on a continual basis over 24 months to a targeted audience in the InJaco series.


We feel we must aggressively target and drive customers to not only Jaco but to businesses that are willing to lead the way.  5 businesses in each of 3 sectors will enjoy the fruits of this labor.

All development costs of this campaign will be covered by InCostaRica and InJaco.  This includes content creation, video editing, graphics design and translation services.   The funds contributed by the participants ($375) will only be used for outreach and paid promotion of content through social media and print media services.  This is the total cost of the campaign to complete the outreach and paid promotion of the content.

Logistically we feel it is more important to reward those that act first as opposed to try to limit participation in any other way.   Those that make the choice to help themselves and build their communities deserve the recognition.

This campaign engages all forms of communication possible to raise awareness of our companies and our communities.  This includes digital as well as print articles and paid social media campaigns.   Outreach using H.A.R.O (Help A Reporter Out)will be used for print publications and press releases.

We have a structured approach to our outreach that will provide results to our participants both within the first 30 days as well as throughout the 24 month long campaign.  Taking place over the next two years the participating businesses will be promoted at every mention of Jaco in the outreach efforts of InCostaRica and the child campaign of InJaco

You will have access to all content created for the campaign for your specific business.  This includes video clips, graphics and articles your business is featured in.  This allows you to promote yourself individually through your outreach in addition to reaping the benefits of the full campaign.


Five Area Hotels will be promoted


Five Area Bars & Restaurants will be promoted

Things To Do

Five Area Activities or Attractions will be promoted

I'm not a bar, restaurant or attraction but...

If you would like to participate but don't fit into one of the above categories you can opt to be featured in one of our area information articles designed to help visitors to the area. Fill out the form below but select Article as opposed to reserving for any specific category.

The Benefits



Group Video

Group Video which will receive the bulk of the paid promotion.  5 participants in total featuring Jaco's leaders.  One group video created for each of the 3 categories.

Individual Video

An extended version of your individual video will be available to you for your own use and campaigns.  This video segment will be available along with your profile in featured segments.


Beyond digital, this campaign includes press releases in print publications through outreach on to reporters doing articles on the Jaco area.

Real Estate Listings

Every person inquiring about a property for sale in the area will receive the digital guide as well as the area articles which feature the participants.

Drip Email

The drip email campaign is sent periodically to those that have read an article on Jaco, or inquired on a property.  These drip emails continue to promote the participants and the featured videos.

Paid Promotion

The videos and articles where the participants are featured will undergo paid campaigns to ensure they reach the number of views required to hold them in the results when relevant searches take place on YouTube, Facebook etc.

Groups and Shares

The videos, and articles where the participants are featured will be shared on an ongoing basis in the 37 Jaco social media groups adhering to the group guidelines.

Organic Results

The combination of the link sharing and paid promotion results in organic results that continue to generate visitors without the need to continually fund their placement.

The Requirements



English Speaking

English speaking participant/representative for video interview.   We can help with translation of print items but we need someone willing to speak on camera about your business.

$375 Campaign Contribution

Each participant will fund the camping $375.  These funds will be used only for paid promotions, press releases and targeted campaigns.  All development costs are covered by InCostaRica.

Cross Linking

2) Links to (choose an article to link to)  You can choose where and how but, we expect the content in which you are featured to have a link from your website.   If you do not have a website this can be managed in other ways.

Business Profile

We need 500-750 word business profile of your company.  This can be in either English or Spanish and will be translated if necessary.   Final content in print and digital articles will be in English.   Let us know if you need help writing this but it needs to be original.

Social Media Post

(2) Social media posts of video/articles from your own profiles.   These back links from social media are important to promote the shared content via algorithims

5-7 Video Clips

These clips need to be around 10 seconds in length and must be submitted within 30 days of registering for campaign.   We will provide support and best practices instructions for their creation.

Campaign Steps

Those interested in participating will fill out the form or call speaking to the campaign manager.

Once the interview is completed participants will be asked to fund the campaign.  These funds are only used for promotion purposes.  Design and Development costs are paid by InCostaRica.  No participants are official until campaign funds are received.   Participants will appear by order of funding.  Facturas Timbradas are available to those by request.

Company profile, logo,  photos and clips will be gathered.  Materials must be provided within 30 days of campaign start.  The campaign manager will work with the business owner to complete the collection of required information and create the best possible video content.

Participants will review the completed campaign before they are placed live or promote to both ensure accuracy of the information as well as offer a final editorial revision.

The videos, and articles undergo an initial burst of paid promotion to ensure results and benefits are quick and algorithms are triggered to give the best opportunity for ongoing organic growth.

The video and print content will undergo periodic paid promotion when a particularly good or favorable article is printed by a publication.  Example:  Travel and Business magazine decides to do a feature article on Jaco, promotion of the article will be paid out of the campaign funds.

During the course of the 24 month campaign and directly prior and during peak seasons the content will undergo additional paid promotion from campaign funds.

Statistics and Analytics including a financial analysis of where funds have been spent will be available to the participants both upon request as well as provided upon milestone completion.


Frequent Questions

Any active business that directly works with customers in the Jaco area.   No intermediaries or booking agents will be considered.  You must be an actual business serving the Jaco area.

The interview typically takes about 20 minutes where initial information is verified but most importantly where any questions regarding the campaign are addressed.

Yes, facturas timbradas are available to all businesses operating in Costa Rica.

The funds provided are the ones that are used for press releases, pay per click campaigns, featured  pieces on social media and the promotion of outside articles that feature all campaign partners.

The total length of the InJaco campaign is 24 months.  We feel that after this point content will need to be updated.

Feel free to give us a call in Costa Rica at 4020-1220 ext. 107or toll free at 1-888-78-COSTA extension 107 or you can email us at