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InCostaRica is a collection of popular & off the-beaten-path recommendations from savvy residents in the top 50 communities throughout Costa Rica.   The App uses your location in Costa Rica (or intended destination) to display activities, attractions, and dining locations nearest to you.

Find the best sightseeing spots, hidden beaches, free tours, local celebrations, community events and more.

Designed for Residents & Visitors  to provide significant savings on the things they love to do: dine, shop, travel and play.

What Exactly Is

Activities & Attractions

Costa Rica has it all, find out what’s close to your current location or where you will be staying.    Every activity is organized via its GPS location.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Often the best dining options are not found in your tour guide or on the main boulevard. Browse options and promotions based on their proximity to you.

Real Estate & Rentals

The most complete Costa Rica Real Estate database boasting 5000+ Properties For Sale in the Top 50 Markets.  Long Term & Vacation Rentals

Phase I of InCostaRica is now Available!

Many things are planned for Phase II of the mobile app for Costa Rica.    However we welcome your feedback, on what we have in place.  We are currently working on releasing the following features:

  • Grocery Store Coupons (Compare & Favorite)
  • Prescription Filling Service
  •  Localized Events organized by GPS
  • Individual Home Screens for Visitors & Residents

Legal / Residency

Have a legal question? Need a corporation or are you ready to start the process of Residency in Costa Rica? Legal FAQs &  Resources

Medical & Dental

Typically ⅕ the cost and boasting some of the best hospitals in Latin America, Costa Rica is a Medical Tourism Destination. Compare Options.

Everyday Stuff

Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Cell Phone Service, Internet Providers, Hardware Stores, Veterinarians and More.  Dine, shop, travel and play!


InCostaRica Pro Members save  up to 50%. Get exclusive savings for the things you love — restaurants, movie tickets, golf, tours, shopping, travel accommodations and more.

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Find the Best and Save on Medical / Dental - and Pharmaceuticals Delivery
Switch between the top 50 Communities
Display results closest to your current GPS location.
Recommend or Report a Problem - Dispute Resolution
5000+ Properties For Sale & Rentals
Tools & Resources for Real Estate Buyers
Everyday Savings on the items you purchase most.
Members Discounts Organized first by proximity to you then by value.

The price of paradise?



Ask any seasoned visitor to Costa Rica or resident and you will soon find that their “Costa Rica Education”didn’t come cheap and was bestowed to them by the “School of Hard Knocks”

Most will tell you that their initial lack of experience resulted in them getting “screwed in every God given orifice” But, it doesn’t have to be this way.    You can learn from the experiences of others, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with getting the best price and have recourse in the event that you feel you have been treated unfairly.

2 Million
English Speakers Visit Costa Rica Every Year
120 Thousand
Native English Speakers Call Costa Rica Home
50 Distinct Communites
Beach, Mountains & City Lifestyles
3 Billion in Revenue
just from tourism last year.

InCostaRica is designed for Native English Speakers but...

If you really want to get the most out of Costa Rica, embrace the culture, learn the language and maintain a reverence for the country in which you are a welcomed guest, just as you would hope visitors to your own country would do.

Facts About The Average



Based on studies done in international airports of Costa Rica, the following information was obtained through direct interviews regarding the profile of Non- Residents visiting Costa Rica.


Over the Age of 45
Highly Educated with at least a University Degree
First Time Visitor
Have Visited Before (8.5 average visits)
Trip Purpose: Vacation, Break or Pleasure
TripPurpose: Business or Investment

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