Register your school to help parents.

When choosing a private school in Costa Rica

Parents need help, choosing schools in Costa Rica

With literally hundreds of choices, it is no wonder questions about schools are some of the most prevalent in forums  and social media groups. Before parents would spend hours and hours investigating schools, gathering recommendations and visiting different institutions.  

InCostaRica aims to facilitate this search by giving every school the opportunity to organize the answers that most parents have in a simple to read format.   Each school will be geo-located within the app.

InCostaRica is a  mobile application designed to facilitate the lives of Nationals, Tourists & Residents.   Invariably tourists become residents, and this means they have plenty of questions. One of the most important questions they have is:  “Which school is right for my kids?”

Why should your school participate in the InCostaRica App?


InCostaRica has a reputation for only recommending the best Costa Rica has to offer.   When parents are researching schools, put your best foot forward and showcase what your institution has to offer.

No Cost / No Commission

We don't charge schools to participate nor do we ask for any type of commission for parents that choose your institution.    While there is an opportunity for 10 schools to be featured in our video series and press release, participation in the app is without cost.

Direct Contact

Your contact information is presented to the app users, parents will contact your school directly to organize a visit and register their children.


To have your school included in the InCostaRica App is entirely free.  But our users are hungry for content, so we are offering 10 spots to schools that wish to have their institutions not only included in the app but heavily promoted on our social media channels, and in our April press releases.

Basic Profile

Include your schools profile in the InCostaRica App
Directions GPS (Waze y Google Maps)
Direct contact with the parents
No Commissions or referral fees

Top 10 School

We only have room for 10 schools to have a custom video created. Our channels cover so many topics relating to Costa Rica that there isn't time or room for more than that.
Include your schools profile in the InCostaRica App
Directions GPS (Waze y Google Maps)
Direct contact with the parents
No Commissions or referral fees
Featured image within the App, website and social media pages.
Raw footage for your use, unbranded for your own social media pages.
Featured in press releases and cross promoted on YouTube
Featured in Quick Answers replies to Social Media Groups and Forums
We provide the format, editing lighting and audio equipment for a professional result.

Include Your School

Fill out the form with the contact information you would to be displayed on the InCostaRica App.  We will respond with the complete form where we will ask you to provide the following in English.

  • Description of your school (100 words)
  • What is your school philosophy or vision?
  • What curriculum do you use?
  • What are your schools accreditation?
  • What are your class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios?
  • How much is tuition and what does it include?
  • What extracurricular activities do you offer?
  • Does religion play a role in your curriculum?


Karen Bravo
Cellular: 8777-6555